1. Last of the blooming lilacs.

  3. The swallows are getting ready to head south for the winter.

  4. knavotka:

    Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital
    Ennis, Ireland

  5. Butterfly on lilac

  6. Autumn butterfly.

  7. Tasty tea and coffee cake from The Tea Cosy in Ennis, Co. Clare.

  8. Living back home in Ireland again and enjoying the scenery.

  9. Living back home in Ireland again and enjoying the scenery.

  10. Doolin, Co. Clare, Ireland

  11. The very cool spider like flower of the notro tree.

    Took this in Patagonia, Argentina during a trek.

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  13. This is the slaughter house outside the abandoned town of Epecuen in Argentina. The town was flooded in the 80’s, but recently emerged from the water. It is an amazing and thought-provoking place to visit.

    I’ll probably post a lot of pictures from the town and surrounding area.

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  15. saoirsesushi:

    Bird surfing the winds of Cerro Catedral, Patagonia, Argentina.